What Is A Cajon?  

The word means crate or box or drawer. And this is exactly what a Cajon is. It is a timber box that is played as a drum. Since it is early beginnings the design of the Cajon has not changed all that tons. From the most modern-day up to date Cajon with built-in amplification and adjustable snare and bass tones to the maximum humble container, the Cajon is still a hollow field usually made from plywood. The Cajon has a thin layer of plywood on one side. Like the backside of a drawer. And thicker wood to the edges and pinnacle, normally the again of the Cajon has a legitimate hole, and genuinely beating on specific parts of the front floor will supply extraordinary sounds.

A bass drum sound can be executed from hitting the center of the gambling surface and higher toned sound can be done via hitting the box closer to the pinnacle. Thus you may play the Cajon container drum in a similar manner as one might a bass drum and snare or toms. This makes the field Cajon in Singapore completely flexible and easily transportable instrument.

History of the Cajon

A Cajon is a completely easy field drum. Usually made from plywood with a thin plywood front or playing surface (tappa). The Cajon field drum is an idea to have originated in Peru. In the sixteenth century, African slaves would make those instruments from vintage packing crates and use them to update the native drums of Africa. Also in Cuba Cajon drums where made from vintage drawers and other family container type systems and used to accompany Cuban and Latino Styles of music. The phrase Cajon absolutely approach the box or drawer in Spanish. And the Cajon is discovered as a first-rate player in Spanish Flamenco tune.

The Cajon, being a completely simple tool and at first crafted from any vintage issue which became around, have become popular in lots of varieties of the song, comparable container drums can be observed in Blues track and plenty of sorts of folk song.

Over the years the Cajon advanced and people started out making additions to the original box drum. The addition of inner wires to giving a snare sound introduced any other dimension to the tool and lots of unique snare systems have evolved due to the fact that.

The versatility, easy creation, and ease of gambling have now added the Cajon into a far wider range of track and many varieties of gambling have developed. The Cajon can be a concept of as a drum package in a field. Modern Cajon characteristic adjustable snare sounds, adjustable bass dampening, and some drums actually have pickups set up for easy amplification.

The spirit of the Cajon is the spirit of music. Such a simple and effective tool permits all of us to begin banging out an easy beat and without difficulty increase to extra complex styles. At The Cajon Drum Shop, we make a number Cajon drums which can be all handmade and equipped to play. Take an observe out the complete range of Cajon Box Drums.

How to Play the Cajon

The Box Cajon is quite simple to play.There are not any hard and rapid policies, however, if you are playing in a band or with other musicians you will need to at least preserve in time with the music and punch out a simple beat to start with. So consequently learning to play the Cajon could be very much like getting to know to play any percussion tool or a drum kit. It starts simple and as you become more proficient the complexity of the rhythms you play will increase.

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