Prong Setting for Diamond Earrings

Prong Setting for Diamond Earrings

The Most Popular Way to Set Earrings

Diamond rings are available in many shapes and sizes.  They are crafted from many exclusive kinds of metallic and all one-of-a-kind diamond shapes.  However, one placing is by using some distance the maximum popular, the prong placing.

Why is the Prong setting so popular?

The prongs, or claws, which hold a diamond in the region are very smooth and fashionable.  The cognizance of jewellery with prongs is on the diamonds, not the fancy putting or layout.  This doesn’t mean that prong set diamond rings are dull.  Quite the alternative.  Look at those simple but stunning designs.

A Designer’s Choice..  2, 3, 4, or Even 6 Prongs

The range of prongs used varies and might make a dramatic distinction inside the look.  For instance examine the first pair above, the drop in jewellery.  They are referred to as celebrity-shaped diamond drop earrings because they deliver the arrival of a celebrity.  The purpose is the prongs.  Each spherical fantastic reduce diamond is held in place by using 3 shared-prongs.  Two of the prongs are on the inner circle and one at the out of doors of the diamond.  When the prongs are set all around it looks as if a celeb.

The equal is true about the snowflake earrings.  The middle diamond is held in the region with 6 prongs which can be shared to hold the 6 outer diamonds in the region.  The outer diamonds are set in 3 prongs.  The appearance would be very extraordinary if an additional prong turned into introduced at the outside.

The very last layout features a 2 prong putting, the diamond drop jewellery.  It’s additionally a fave of Mazal Diamond Creative Director Stefano Nicoletti, a 3rd generation earrings clothier.  He designed the whole collection and does special designs upon request.

“When I consider classic diamond jewellery and classic diamond settings this is what comes to mind, a 3 or five stone diamond drop earring,” says Stefano.  “Prongs are the maximum unobtrusive way of showing of the real megastar, the fantastic diamonds themselves.  By the usage of two prongs, the diamonds retain their spherical form the most.  Simple and delightful.”

Prong Setting for Diamond Studs

Prongs also are the placing of desire whilst developing diamond studs, unmarried stone earrings.  They are a staple in the earrings cloth cabinet of most girls.  The alternatives remain 2, 3, 4, or 6 prongs.  For extra info, go to prong solitaire earrings.

Colour Makes a Big Difference

White, yellow or crimson?  Those are the 3 colouration alternatives for the treasured metallic used with diamond jewellery.

Look on the 3 photographs above again and also you’ll see the distinction coloured prongs can make.

White gold & platinum are a smooth preference because they don’t distract from the colour of the diamonds.  However yellow gold or pink gold add a stunning splash of shade and might better suit with other rings.  It’s a totally private decision.