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Catch the right storage choices for your home from Space. At the Space, we have got storing solutions that combine fashion and organization. Select from a range of stylish storage options ranging from the simplicity of a cupboard, modular cabinet in Singapore or bookshelf to a sideboard, trolley or chest of drawers. There are a variety of selections available to keep your living space look fresh and neat with a touch of stylish home decor. The practical and fancy substitutes offer ideas like never before to revamp your home to match a modern or classic setting. Packing furniture is the perfect way to store your dehumidifier so that you can keep the moisture in your home at the perfect level without interfering on your interior decor. Have a browse through our storage items online or otherwise contact a Space sales representative near you for more information.

Our separate Kitchen sink provides you the peace of mind as it does not want any making of Kitchen countertop. They are your ultimate plug and play results to your Kitchen. Standalone Kitchen sink are produced in afull module by them, either built with a cabinet for storage or simply “legs” that rest on the kitchen floor. They can be connected for multiple use in different areas, such as the wet Kitchen, laundry area etc.

Esteem Modular Enclosures

  • We will give you aanswer where you can build anything you need!
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  • We will give you Low Voltage panel sheets that are flexible!
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Techno Module is the best technical solution at the best conceivable price!

A fully functional and expansive kitchen that makes the most of every inch is the ideal dream for every family. We will fulfill your dream with the best interior design and Remodeling Company in Singapore.

Kitchen Renovation Services

We have an aim toafford a wide array of kitchen renovation services to help you to choose from andcomplete the results you seek. Our professional staff and Kitchen Experts will guide you through modern kitchen design ideas – from helping you choose the best cupboard renovation and design ideas. Over the years of knowledge, we recognize that a lot of people love spending time in their kitchens; therefore it is essential to have a beautifully designed kitchen which is totallypractical at the same time.

Kitchens want the best renovation more often than any other room. Our team pays attention to minute detail and this enables us to deliver high-quality service for your entire kitchen. We can guarantee you that we will get the job done right – on financial plan and on time. If you are watching to revamp your existing kitchen or building a new one. We can help you on making your visions come true by clicking here.



What is a Minimalist commercial interior?

When it comes to your work environment, simple is always better. In today’s fast-paced world that is cluttered with an influx of information and products, it can be hard to create a minimalist space. Big corporations like Google and Gawker have already jumped on the minimalism train, creating famous office designs that combine simplicity with comfort. These minimalist offices often put employees’ needs first and create a productive work environment. The good news is that your office doesn’t have to look like Google’s to be a minimalist commercial interior. Below are some helpful tips to use furniture for commercial use interior.

The definition of a minimalist work environment differs for each individual, but is usually characterized as a space that is free of distractions, unnecessary junk and promotes productivity in every way. An easy way to think about minimalist work environments is to imagine a space that only has the things you need. Once you remove everything that isn’t useful to you or you don’t need, you will find yourself with a much more distraction-free and work conducive commercial interior.

Get Rid of Unnecessary Clutter Organize and Digitize

A great way to start creating your minimalist commercial interior is to get rid of any unnecessary clutter that may be lying around your office. This can be done in two effective ways, by organizing and by digitizing. To organize your office environment, you should invest in storage solutions that have a lot of drawers and shelves where you can safely put away your things and still know where they are. Storage solutions that take up space vertically instead of horizontally can also save your floor space and allow you to open up your office.

When it comes to digitizing, it’s probably one of the best moves you can make towards a more minimalist office. If your office is still stuck in the paper age and is doing things like keeping files and documents, taking notes and making memos on paper, then it’s time to rethink the way you work. Not only does moving to a digital filing system save you physical space and help you declutches your office, it can also make it easier to find important documents when you need them.

Invest in Office Furniture that is Simple and Functional

When creating a minimalist commercial interior, office furniture is going to be your best friend. The right office furniture can give your office a facelift, provide you space for storage, and also be functional. If your office furniture is more than a decade old, it may be time to think about investing in new furniture. Office furniture has rapidly improved with the inventions of new technologies and innovative designs. These designs are created to help you be more productive in the office and minimize clutter and distractions. For a minimalist work environment, stick with office furniture that incorporates clean, simple lines and plenty of functionality.

Idea Starters:

By seeing the other work often the Idea will be inspired.  As you scroll through the examples below, we hope you find ideas to integrate with your project. To view a sample of how we tailor space to our client’s needs click here.





What is a Console Table?

A traditional console table is a small table, frequently with curved legs reminiscent of consoles, designed to be set in opposition to a wall. They can be used as accessory tables for displaying accessories or different decorative gadgets. It can also be used to maintain a small lamp in regions that want additional lighting fixtures, inclusive of hallways or entryways. A console table in Singapore generally sits against a wall and might also be connected to the wall.

Advantages of console table:

  • A console table is a first-rate idea if you’re particular about growing a fashionable domestic interior without taking on too much area.
  • These tables are small in length and can be effectively positioned in opposition to the wall. They also are amazing garage answers as many include drawers.
  • Advanced wooden console tables are best for ornamental enhancement of the room and satisfactory for space management.
  • They may be placed and used in nearly every room within the house.

Where can you use your console table?

Console tables are designed to be placed particularly in your entryway. So this piece of furnishings can offer your entryway or your corridor a very delightful and welcoming look that will gain you the admiration of your visitors.

You also can set them in other areas like your bedroom, especially if you need to use one to hide a radiator, so, on this way, you’ll be able to conceal this disorder and offer your bedroom a completely charming look without dropping room area.

You may even consider setting it in your bathroom to make your bedroom appearance more appealing however you’ll additionally have the threat to shop the bathroom stuff on this desk’s shelves or drawers.

Some people use tall console tables as a kind of buffet within the kitchen or dining room, as a table among the kitchen and the eating location wherein cheese trays and wine and desserts may be left equipped for the next route while not having to run between the 2 rooms for each item.

And that’s no longer all. If you have a few clean wall space that you cannot parent out a way to get dressed, a console table can solve your problem. Many console tables today are more than simply four legs and a table pinnacle. They are stylish pieces which have drawers, mirrors, shelves and something else that might offer useful for simple storage.

What to look for earlier than shopping for a console desk?

You could be overjoyed to discover that this particular piece of domestic furniture is offered in a ramification of styles, designs, and colors so you should not have a problem finding a style that nice suits your house décor. In timber, you’ve got Oak, Maple, Teak, Sheesham, Fir, Redwood, Mahogany, Hemlock, and so on. To choose from. Apart from wooden, you will encounter metal, metallic and even glass, and here the rate will vary depending on the material used in the console table.

The most famous colors that you’ll get to look are brown, beige, gold, purple and black. Some also come in neutralized colorings that are stimulated by way of the material used like the steel.

Knowing the fee and the particular form of console table you want will help you pin down the fashion that is going with your house décor without exceeding your to be had to price range.

Daybed Comforter Sets:

Daybeds have turn out to be a famous opportunity due to the fact they may be any such extraordinary multitasking piece of fixtures. And all you want to add the finishing touches is a comforter set. Daybed in Singapore units can exchange the appearance of the bed completed.

Whether you are seeking out a country topic, camouflage bedding, flora and fauna subject matters, or vibrant floral subject matters online has a fantastic choice of sets to choose from. Or possibly you’re looking to finish a bit woman or little boy’s room. So many options and such a lot of picks.

There are actually hundreds of types of daybeds available to choose from so no matter what the temper of your room there’s a fashion of mattress that is fitting. Choose a mattress with drawers beneath, or possibly a wrought iron frame is for you? Have a study the trundle packages, wooden or metal daybeds. And there are so many different alternatives.


Importance and Types of Office Furniture

Office furniture is a necessary a part of the workplace. Furniture is geared up within the office within the shape of tables, racks, shelves, sofa etc. Furniture plays an important place to keep up the better running environment. It may be defined as a simple facility with which an employee identifies himself. The right form of furnishings should be supplied with a purpose to offer most comfort to the worker. The right layout of furniture in a single sense makes office paintings easily. It reduces fatigue and fitness dangers to the minimal.

Office desk in Singapore  permits for the proper posture of the office worker while at work. The preference of office furniture is, as a result, a totally vital venture. Thus a manager ought to pick the workplace furnitures in keeping with the character and length of furnitures.

Importance of Office Furniture:

Office furnitures perform an important role for the performance at the workplace. They offer primary facilities. They are crucial for the correct and speedy performances of the work. Offices furnitures give following benefits to the workplace.

Increase performance:

Office furniures increase the general performance of the workplace.

Image of Office:

Good appearance of furniture increases the attractiveness and the photo of the office.

Working surroundings:

Office furniture creates good operating surroundings and relieves monotony and work pressure.

Easy in supervision:

Good workplace furnitures help in supervision and restrict motion of the body of workers.

Positive impact:

Good office furnitures give the wonderful impact to the fitness condition of the team of workers running inside the organization.

Types of workplace Furniture:

As a long way as feasible, furniture of a uniform quality and layout ought to be selected in all departments of an office. This may be termed as standardization of office furnishings.

Every workplace requires one-of-a-kind types of furnishings. Usually, they may be desks, tables, chairs, shelves, and other add-ons as common furniture from the current office. These sorts of furnishings which are important for the workplace are explained systematically beneath:

Office desks:

Most of the workplace works are accomplished on the desks. It is known as the workbench on which all the clerical operation is carried on. The number one feature of any table is to offer a suitable surface for writing, checking, shorting and inspecting. Office device needs to be stored on the desks. Desks offer storage vicinity for stationery, resources, papers, and files that are in use. The performance of an office worker could be very much stimulated by the form of the table used in the office. Therefore, an appropriate kind of the desk needs to be provided to the workplace personnel.

Office Table:

In a most of the office, tables serve the cause of clerical desks and are often fitted with one or two drawers. Tables are usually used for writing, sorting the documents and temporary area for documents and document trays in addition to for sorting registers and papers. The commonplace varieties of tables are proven under:


Foldable training chairs  are critical items of workplace furniture as the employee spends a most of the time via sitting at the chairs. So it isn’t always handiest affects the work performances but at the same time the fitness of the employees also. Hence, the office chairs need to be cozy. Heights of the chairs must healthy the group of workers. The responsible man or woman has to pick out the right chairs via thinking about the subsequent factors.

  • Adjustable height,
  • Shape of the seat and
  • Adjustable back relaxation.


Cabinets are used for filing papers, documents, books, files, and so on. Usually, steel cabinets are used in the workplace now an afternoon because of protection and durability and due to the price issue too. The conventional timber shelves and racks are out common and these are not so secure additionally.


Safes are usually used to hold important papers and files as well as cash, chequebooks, and other valuable documents.

Other accessories:

Office furniture whatever discussed in the preceding chapter is not the entire office furnitures. Besides those furnitures, other add-ons like trays, waste paper basket, dustbin, pen stand also are the vital accessories required inside the present day offices.



Sitting Comfort of Office Chairs

A workplace chair, or desk chair, is a sort of office chair in Singapore is designed to be used at a desk in an office. It is often a swivel chair, with a fixed of wheels for mobility and adjustable top. Modern office chairs generally use an unmarried, extraordinary load bearing leg (often called a gasoline elevate), placed beneath the chair seat. Near the ground, this leg spreads out into several smaller ft. that are regularly wheeled and called castors. Office chairs were evolved around the mid-nineteenth century as greater workers spent their shifts sitting at a table, main to the adoption of several features no longer observed on different chairs. Sitting comfort is a subjective belief and sensory revel in, which might not necessarily correspond with the aim layout of office chairs. One motive may be restricted recognition and cognitive processing of sensory stimulation furnished via the ergonomic capabilities of the chairs. Features of workplace chairs, including the shape of the seat and lower back, the thickness and density of foam cushions, or sort of cushion cowl, give a diffusion of sensory results, which are particularly tactile and kinaesthetic.

Input from this sensory system, but, tends to create more diffuse and holistic perceptions than comments from the visual or auditory sensory device, However, they were unable to distinguish among those chairs on the basis of goal format versions. In different words, the source of their consolation perceptions remained doubtful: users simply felt better. In the same vein, greater recent studies showed that the spontaneous assessment of naïve customers may additionally say an undifferentiated, schematic or heuristic way of processing data from the tactile and kinaesthetic sensory gadget. One way to result in bottom-up processing of tactile and kinaesthetic statistics is sensory cognizance training. In the present take a look at, sensory focus coaching consisted of different techniques of how customers should discover an office chair. Guided exploration turned into expected to elevate the awareness of tactile and kinaesthetic sensations and via this make an evaluation extra advanced. Written and oral styles of guided exploration were used. It changed into hypothesized that growing sensory recognition by guided exploration might cause a more evolved processing of tactile and kinaesthetic facts. As an outcome, goal capabilities of ergonomic office chairs need to be diagnosed more precisely and the assessment of sitting consolation ought to turn out to be extra differentiated.


There are more than one kinds of office chairs designed to suit distinct desires. The most simple are the task chair, which generally does not give lumbar help or a headrest. These chairs generally can’t be sat in for greater than a couple of hours at a time without turning into uncomfortable, even though they often offer more room to move than better give up chairs. Mid-again chairs offer fuller returned guide, and with the proper ergonomic design, may be sat in for four hours at a time or longer. High-quit chairs in this category, consisting of the comfortable for lengthy periods. Executive or full-again chairs offer complete returned and head help. Many executive chairs are designed to be sat in for 8 or more hours at a time. These are generally the most steeply-priced workplace chairs.

How Your Office Space Can Lead to Better Productivity?

These new office spaces also are built for collaboration. Tiny cubicles and stiff conference rooms don’t do a lot to encourage innovation, do they? Great collaboration would possibly appear at a conference table, however, it additionally might manifest at the same time as sitting around in smooth mesh office chair in Singapore or on barstools. Office designers at the moment are growing particular workspaces with these many environments in thoughts. Modern office spaces have extra of a stability between personal workspaces and open, shared spaces. Expect to peer a mix of informal paintings spaces designed for consolation and greater formal collaboration regions with open seating and flexible fixtures. Privacy is treasured too, though. Offices once made from impersonal booths at the moment are providing movable partitions that can offer an delivered layer of privateness or glass doors that may be shut even as nonetheless permitting natural light to filter via the gap. Office designers now recognize the significance of being bodily closer to the human beings we paintings with most often, and the current workplace design reflects this. Workers might be positioned closer to the equipment and space they want to use most.